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Spa Salts and Stones


Our Offers

  • Customized Treatments and Experience

  • Treatment Time Options

  • Membership Plans

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Relaxing and Clean Environment

  • Professional Practitioners and Therapist

  • Spacious Treatment Rooms

  • Flexible and Convenient Schedule

  • Wellness and Nutrition Program

  • Sauna and Shower Room

Beach Yoga

A New Start For Your Health & Wellness

      Beginning our journey amidst the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Better Health and Wellness aims to create a comfortable environment for the community to take care of and learn about their wellbeing.

     The human body is truly magical to be able to protect and repair itself, but is that enough to keep us in our best condition? Devote yourself to long-term self-care with our therapeutical treatments and unleash your body's full potential.

     Our massage, reflexology, physiotherapy, and acupuncture treatments help enhance your overall health and body function while taking a relaxing adventure to paradise with our calming atmosphere!

  Our highly skilled and experienced therapists and holistic practitioners are ready to serve you, while our membership and first-visit policy also let you access these treatments at lower prices. Better health and wellness are just a step away!

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