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28 Day Detoxification and Nutrition Program

Want a cleaner internal body, healthier eating habit, sufficient nutrients, and to manage your weight? Our 28 Days Nutrition Program has it all!
  • Online and In-person Consultation with a Registered Health
    Nutrition Specialist (R.H.N.S)

  • Customized Detoxification Plan and Plate Management

  • Natural healing and treatments

  • Digestive system detoxification and anti-inflammatory

  • Highly effective for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes

  • Enhance Immune System and reduce allergies

  • Naturally enhance body fat burning and self healing

  • Initiate a life-long eating habit for self weight management and long term overall well being

What's Included?

Nutrients and Health Products

  • Probiotics

  • Ultimate Aloe

  • Isotonix Advanced B-Complex

  • Isotonix Digestive Health Formula

  • TLS Nutrition Shake

  • NutriClean 7-Day Cleasing System

  • Isotonix Daily Essential Packet

  • NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder

x 3

x 3

x 1

x 3

x 1

x 1

x 1

x 1


  • 1HR Acupuncture

  • 1HR Foot Reflexology

  • 30MIN Visceral Massage

x 4

x 4

x 4

Plate Management and Meal Plan

  • Daily Screening with Experts for 28 Days

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Orginal Price $3160.00

NOW ONLY $1980


See Some Successful Past Results

Lucy's Results

Pre-Detox Diet: 5 Weeks

Intermittent Fasting Period: 1 Week

Weight Lost: 16.8 LBS

Body Fat Lost: 3.1%

Visceral Fat Lost: 1

Metabolic Age: Decreased 11 Years

Waist Circumference: Decreased 4.5 Inches

Check Out Some Healthy Meals Made by Previous Program Participants

Throughout the program, our R.H.N.S will be chatting with you online through zoom, about your meals preparation according to your needs; and give suggestions and corrections on food intake.

Follow the guidance to achieve your best results of detoxification and well being improvements!

Dandelion salad with shrimps, hard boiled eggs, with a variety of nuts and seeds

Nutrition Specialists


Nutrition Specialist

Wei Wang

Wei graduated from the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management with a Master of Business Administration. He was the former senior executive of a publicly listed company and the founder of Conway Quanyou Health Center.

Wei studied at the Canadian Institute of Natural Health and became a Registered Nutrition Consultant in Ontario. Now representing Quanyou Health to deliver the Nutrition and Weight Management Program at Better Health & Wellness.

Nutrition Specialist

Qu Yang

Qu graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Master of Science degree. Before her career in nutritional science, Qu worked for various pharmaceutical companies in drug and medicine development, and in 2008 she founded Dafree Inc.

In 2012 she began the study and practice of nutritional medicine, and since 2014 she has worked on developing and promoting the Joint Venture Clinic project.

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